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Don’t put ANYTHING in the toilet unless it has already been digested or is actually toilet paper which is designed to break down in water (which is different than tissue that comes in a box) Also make sure that the toilet paper is actually wet before flushing; a dry wad of TP can cause a toilet to clog.

In an effort to be very clear on what not to put down the drain I will mention all the things not to put in the toilet (this information has been told to me by actual plumbers and/or customers). Any tissue like products (even if you run out of toilet paper – throw used boxed tissue or paper towels it in the garbage can) tampons or feminine personal products personal, wipes of any kind-baby wipes, feminine wipes (most of which say on the box that they are flush-able – don’t believe everything you read!)

  • paper towels or rags
  • condoms
  • cigarette butts
  • accidental items we have found…small toys, toothbrush, and shampoo bottle lids
  • grease of any kind- JUST DON’T DO IT!! It is very easy to use a leftover can or carry out cup to put grease into and then put it in the garbage can when it is cool.
  • bar of soap or small pieces of soap that are left behind
  • hair
  • do not put paint, drywall repair putty any construction chemicals down the drain

Do preventative maintenance, do use drain covers to reduce hair and debris from getting into the drain in the first place.

Educate your family -especially children about what is appropriate to put down the toilet and drains. It seems the smaller the kids bottoms the bigger the problems for homeowners. Let your teenage daughters friends know about no tampons in the toilet or if this seems inappropriate leave a note on the toilet which can easily be removed when they leave.

Do use a product liked BioClean (natural bacteria which eats grease, food particles, etc) monthly to keep drains clear. I know these things may seem simple but the truth is …it is easy to keep your drains from clogging if you follow the tips above. Old drains are especially prone to clogs due the natural debris build-up that happens after years of use (BioClean helps this). Also roots find their way into older cracked pipes; then debris gets hung up on the tree roots. Winter is a time when trees grow beneath the ground so we often see whole house blockages during the winter months – but it can happen anytime when the perfect combination of things happen.

What is the “perfect storm conditions” so to speak for a clogged sewer? Have company over! Fix a big dinner or a weekends worth of food for relatives and your system becomes overloaded. There will be more water used from sinks, showers, toilets, laundry and dishwashers.  There is more bathroom waste solids, food particles – large and small from the garbage disposer- everything is exponential and the system just plain can’t take it. Your plumbing system works harder when company arrives. If your home is older the drains can get more clogged as every year goes by. That is why these types of problems occur at the worst time…when you have company.

What do you do if you keep having the same issues of drains clogging? Check to make sure you and your family members have followed the dos & don’ts above. Have a professional plumber (with a license) give you a thorough inspection of your sewer- he will use a video camera. If there is a belly (low area) or a crack (where roots will get in) then have it fixed. Yes I know that it will be expensive but you can pay the plumber to come out a couple times a year to clean out the drain from now until the end of time or you can fix it now and never deal with the problem again.