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How to fix a running toilet

We can all learn to fix a leaky running toilet.

The natural inclination of people is to ignore leaking toilets and hope the problem fixes itself, which of course does not happen. We all get tired of wigging the handle and try not to think about the actual extent of wasted water. Well, we have some basic instructions below so that ordinary people can fix running or leaking toilets.

Most people do not realize the incredible waste of water due to leaking toilets. Toilet leaks can waste up to 2 gallons a minute, which unchecked means 7,000 gallons of wasted water a month!

To start off with, remove the top off of the toilet tank and check to see if the chain is connected to the flapper. If it is then the next thing is to check that the chain is the right tension, or proper length. If the chain is too long, it will get in the way of the seal and cause a leak that way. If it is to short, then of course the flapper will not be able to seal and that also causes a leaking toilet. Also often times the handles, that are attached to the chain, can become rusted or wobbly, so check the handle as well, you may need to tighten it back down or purchase a new one.

If you’ve determined that neither the chain nor the handle are causing the leak then it’s time to replace the actual flap assembly itself.

In this situation the first to do is to temporarily shut the water off to the toilet. Locate the water valve to the toilet, typically it down and behind the toilet at the wall, and turn the valve clockwise as far as you can. Now flush the toilet once, which will empty the toilet tank so you can replace the flap assembly.

Now simply remove the flap assembly. We recommend you take the flap assembly to your local hardware store and they will give you the same replacement model back.

You will be able to easily install the new flap assembly in your toilet tank without any tools, and your leaking toilet should be fixed.

Now if after this the toilet still leaks then it is the right time to call your plumber.