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Toilet Flushes Poorly

Has your toilet lost its mojo and is flushing poorly, too slowly or not completely? There could be some kind of partial blockage.  Get your trusty toilet plunger and see this solves the problem.  With any luck this is all you need do.

If this does not solve the problem check to make sure the toilet tank is actually filling up high enough for the toilet to flush properly. There is a toilet tank fill line within the tank and the water should be within ¼” of this line.  This is easy enough to check by simply taking the lid off the toilet tank.

If the water is falling short then the water that should be filling up the tank is probably going into the toilet bowl instead of the tank.  Make sure the fill tube is not directing watering into the toilet bowl.  You can observe this by simply flushing the tank and watching where the water goes out of the fill tube.

If your toilet persists in flushing slowly or incompletely, than it is time to call your local plumber and get help.