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Unclogging Your Toilet

At some point every homeowner experiences a clogged toilet.  The usual cause is too much toilet paper which causes the jam, however sanitary items and toys are also culprits.

First make sure there is a problem. When the water subsides, flush the toilet again and see if the clog persists.  If the water backs up again, remove the lid off of the toilet and push down on the tank ball to stop the water flow to the bowl.  To get more tips and information on other home plumbing repairs, please visit

Make sure that the toilet is the only clogged fixture.  Test the bathroom sink and shower/bathtub to see if they are also clogged, if they are also clogged, then the drainage line to the whole bathroom is blocked.
Usually the issue is simply the toilet.  There is a pipe underneath the toilet that is shaped like an S and this is where most clogs are.  Try to dislodge the clog with a plunger first. The toilet should be approximately half full of water before you start.  There should be just enough water to cover the plunger head.

When you put the plunger in the bowl, line it up and make sure it covers the drain opening completely.  You want a good seal so that when you press down on the plunger it is most effective.  Press down hard on the plunger, repeatedly for 30 seconds.  The pressure you are applying should knock out the clog.  If this is not successful, try again.

If this fails then it is time to get professional help.  Calla licensed plumber and they will have the expertise and equipment to understand and undo the clog.  For more information on home plumbing, drain cleaning and water heaters, please visit