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Sewer Cleaning

Sewer problems can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. You may wonder “why did this happen”?

Sewer cleaning is needed when the whole house or building is backing up. Naperville buildings and homes of any age can have problems with their sewer line. Newer Naperville homes may have sewer blockages due to construction debris that has gotten into the drain lines. The reasons a newer sewer line could be blocked is endless but here is the short list of problems we have encountered in Naperville: feminine products, rags, condoms, personal and baby wipes, or a combination of those things. Older sewer lines may need cleaning due to root intrusion by trees and shrubs. Some Naperville homes have settled causing a sheared sewer which happens when the house settles and the pipe stays put. This can be a complete stoppage or may restrict flow,  leaving an edge for debris to catch onto, causing a blockage. The sewer line must be cleaned of these items and repaired before flow can be restored and this is done by a professional plumber with the right tools. Heavy rodding equipment is needed to go the long distance down the sewer all the way to the “main” in the street. Sewer cleaning is dirty, hard work and do it yourselfers will want to call a professional plumber for this job.

Most plumbers use a K1500 which has rolls of cable with a cutting tool attached to the end. The cable comes in sections, and sections are added as needed to get to the blockage, which could be 50 feet or more from the building. The cutting head on the cable can also be changed depending on the need and the size of the opening to the sewer line. Inside drains are narrow and for this reason the best outcome happens when the sewer is rodded from an outside 6 inch opening. This opening is called a cleanout and if you do not have one, then one may be suggested by your plumber. Clean-outs are necessary to get the proper size cutting head into the sewer to restore it to its original diameter.

Some Naperville plumbers use jetting machines to clean out sewers but only in special cases and it usually only in commercial locations. Jetters are expensive and difficult to haul around but they work well when the situation calls for them. Some reasons for the jetter would be food grease or automotive oil in the line. The force of the jetter cuts through the grease and pushes it down the line into the main sewer where it is carried away. If a regular cable with a cutting head is used on grease it pushes through the grease but cannot push it down the line.

Preventative maintenance can help prevent sewer blockages but not always. A few tips would be not to put anything except TP and digested food into the toilet, have new garbage disposer installed (old ones lose their cutting ability and can cause blockages), do not put grease down the drains and use a strainer in the tub/shower to catch hair. Also educating your family on these tips is a good idea because most people just don’t realize they are causing a problem. There are many products on the market today that can be purchased at any Naperville pharmacy or grocery store that say they are safe to flush such as baby and personal wipes but do not flush them, throw them into the garbage can. Another thing people do not realize is that when they run out of TP and use tissue or paper towels until they can get more TP are risking a toilet or sewer stoppage. TP is made to breakdown in water and tissue and paper towels are made to stay strong when wet causing a blockage.

Prevention can be more than half the battle and the other half could be annual maintenance rodding depending on your situation. Preventative drain cleaning is a service your Naperville plumber will be happy to perform. Generally maintenance rodding can be done at a lower cost than that of an emergency call. Consider adding annual drain cleaning to your yearly routine as part of caring for your home or business. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that every time you flush the toilet, or take a shower everything will go where it’s supposed to!

Scottish Plumbers sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services can help keep a sewer from becoming a sewer emergency. Naperville drain cleaning and sewer cleaning are the Scottish plumber’s specialty.