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In Naperville water heaters last approximately ten years. Choosing a new heater is a decision needs to be made quickly in most cases because it’s hard to get by without hot water in the house. I would like to talk about the most popular options in our Naperville market which will help you understand the different options available.

The Tankless water heater was originally developing around 1950 and many advances in energy efficiency have happened since that point. The standard for the Naperville area (and around the US) is the standard tank type water heater which was developed around 1890 in Pittsburg and hasn’t really changed much over the years. The newest heater on the market is the “combo water heater” which is called a high efficiency water heater; it combines the tankless technology with a small storage tank.

We can help conserve energy by purchasing the right appliances for our home. The Scottish Plumber will help you make a decision about a new water heater by asking you a few questions and looking at the current water heater in your home.  The Scottish Plumber will check the current location of the heater, ask about the amount of hot water needed or how many people live in the house and take a look at the venting you already have in place. All of these things have to be considered before choosing which type of heater will be best suited to your family’s needs.

The least expensive option to install today is a standard tank type heater because you will be replacing like with like and no gas piping changes or venting changes will be needed. This type delivers immediate hot water but it costs quite a bit more than other heaters to run.

Our homes were built around using a storage tank style heater and changes are needed to install a different type or size of heater.

The mid priced option is the high efficiency water heater which looks like the tank style water heater. It has the addition of thicker insulation and has a smaller storage tank (25 gallons) to store & warm, and an added high BTU burner to heat up the extra water needed beyond the 25 gallons.  These heaters give you immediate hot water and saves on energy bills but it costs a more upfront.

The tankless heater is the one everyone is talking about because it saves the most on energy. They take up less space and use a lot less energy than the standard gas water heater.  This is the most expensive water heater option upfront but the least expensive to run. Energy costs grow every year and no one knows what it will be 10 years down the line. You will need to be prepared for additional costs above the price of the tankless water heater due to piping and venting changes.  The extra costs are for new venting, possibly a booster pump and a water filtration system.  These are things that are overlooked by the average guys and that is why your Scottish Plumber has been certified to work with this more complicated system.  Improper installation of gas water heaters, including, but not limited to tankless water heaters can be hazardous to you and your family.  A booster pump may be needed if your tankless water heater is installed far from the point of use.  A water filtration system may be needed if the homes water quality is poor.  If you have a tankless water heater installed be prepared to wait for the hot water to get to the tap. You must purge all the cold water out of the pipe between the tankless water heater and the point of use. If your sink is 50 feet away from the tankless heater and the water flow rate is one gallon per minute then it will take 90 seconds for hot water to reach your sink. This cold water effect cannot be completely removed but it is helped by the addition of the booster pump.

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