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Hot Water Heater Leaks

The hot water heater is the backbone of your home, until the hot water heater leaks.  When you lose it, or it is less effective, your house comes to a grinding halt – no baths, showers, etc.  Leaks are the normal culprit and they can be caused by a number of reasons, usually age related.  These hot water heaters are prone to erosion, over time.  There can be faulty, aged seals, etc, all of which can cause leaks.

The bottoms of hot water tanks are the most vulnerable place to be damaged because it is where mineral deposits build up.  Over time these deposits can build up and cause corrosion.  Most water tanks are designed with an anode rod inside of them which in effect attract the corroding elements, thus preserving the inside of the tank.  These rods last about seven years, but after that, they are no longer effective and the corrosive elements can go to work on the tank itself. If the tank corrodes enough a leak can occur.

If you suspect this is the problem then call in your licensed plumber for his opinion.  Depending on the age of the unit he will suggest putting in a new anode rod, or getting a new unit altogether.

Once a year we recommend you open the drain valve at the bottom of the unit (after turning off the water supply to the hot water heater) and let all the water drain out, along with any accumulated minerals.

Your hot water heater has pipes and valves you can check for leakage.  The pipes leading into your unit may have loose fittings that need to be tightened down.  These pipes are the hot water pipe and the dip tube.  If you see a leak here, judiciously tighten down with a plumbers wrench and this may fix the leak.

At the top of your water heater is a pressure relief valve.  At the bottom of the unit a drain valve.  If one is leaking then they likely need to be replaced and we suggest calling in a licensed plumber.

See our section on the web site on preventative maintenance for hot water heaters.